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Last Monday night I took the subway up to the Beacon Theater to photograph Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers. It was an amazing night.

The guy in the grey hoodie, I ended up seeing him right before the show started. He scored a last minute ticket for a seat in the fourth row. He said he just happened to be walking by and saw that Petty was playing so he checked for a ticket at the box office.

The show starts and Tom Petty is greeted by a sold out crowd of music lovers.

You can tell by his grin you’re in for a treat.

With the slightest movement he effortlessly orchestrates the entire band.

And you don’t just see a band, you see a family on stage when they play.

It’s always tricky shooting when an artist plays a song you love…this happened that night with “I Won’t Back Down”.

It had been my soundtrack song earlier that morning and helped me get through the day.

These are the artists that make me miss great songwriting. Lyrics and melodies that flow through your veins; give you strength or comfort you when you need it most; thought provoking and inspiring and all with a pleasant beat. Everything sounded pristine, even better live.

You could feel all the love that the audience has for this band, but especially for the man Tom Petty.

I finished shooting at the end of the third song and continued to enjoy the rest of the show with friends as just a fan.

It was good to see most people dancing and trying to enjoy themselves before security would shine a bright flashlight on them.

The Show was great. There is nothing better than seeing true artistry in person. That night, Tom Petty & the Heartbreaker's morphed through decades of music and I was able to travel back to special times in my life. It's a talent that very few have and when you are able to experience it, put down any recording device you are holding and instead take in the will last longer than any picture you take.

Remember, please enjoy the show.





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