Scott's Ginger Rosemary Limoncello Awesomeness

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40 lemons

4-6 cups of sugar

12 sprigs of rosemary

6 big pieces of ginger

2 large handled bottles of cheap vodka

other things you'll need-


a sieve or metal strainer

2 large non reactive container (enameled pot, or glass jar)

plastic wrap

about 6x glass resealable wine bottle size bottles

vegetable peeler

cheese grater


1. wash all lemons

2. peel all lemons with vegetable peeler.  try to only get the yellow skin and not the white pith, it has a bitter taste.

3. Juice the lemons

4. put the lemons and their juice in one of the non reactive containers.

5. cut skin off ginger.  using a cheese grater, grate all the ginger and add to the lemon juice and peels.

6. add bottles of vodka to mixture

7. wash rosemary and add to mixture

8. stir

9. cover container with plastic wrap and put a lid on so air can't get in.  

10. store mixture for as long as possible (3 weeks is ideal but 1 week will still taste good) in a dark room temperature location.  Stir occasionally.  

11. after mixture has infused remove ginger and place in cheesecloth, squeeze out any remaining ginger juice into the lemon vodka mixture

12. remove rosemary

13. take the sieve and line with a couple layers of cheesecloth.

14. place sieve and cheese cloth over second container and slowly pour mixture through, repeating process between containers until all lemon pulp and other larger debris is gone.  

15. make a simple syrup starting with two cups of sugar and 2 cups of water in a sauce pan. stir together

15. heat sugar and water until they begin to bowl.  turn off heat.  let mixture cool completely.  Add it to the lemon vodka mixture.  stir and taste.  you will probably want more sugar. repeat process until you get the sweetness you prefer.  

16.let vodka ginger simple syrup mixture infuse for as long a couple days if possible.  Mixture should again be covered in plastic wrap and a lid and placed in a dark room temperature location.  

17.  after a couple days stir mixture (ginger may have settled) and then bottle!  You can also add a couple sprigs of rosemary to each bottle if desired.  

18. enjoy cold! (do not freeze)


*Makes roughly 5-6 wine bottles of limoncello


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