Carnival Cruising - Rio

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This requires no explanation, other than that I must emphatically express how hot it is.There are a fair number of things that I don't understand about Carnival in Rio. For starters, otherwise macho brazilian dudes in drag. Everywhere. These guys are on Ipanema beach. 

This is Seu Jorge on Leme Beach. He is larger than life. He has entered the canon of Brazilian musicians. He's way more than David Bowie covers, to be sure.

This the "Cristo" monument viewed from Jardim Botanico                                                                                                          

Rudy Guiliani's Rio Legacy

This is the Sambadromo... the big event that you always see pictures of. The really stunning thing here is seeing a thousand drummers and thousands of dancers and singers all synchronized.

One thing that makes Carnival in Rio so unique is the proliferation of "blocos": samba block parties, some very organized with tens of thousands of people, others impromptu on street corners. This is a late night bloco in Lapa.

And another, later that night

And this is yet another, in the city center, where heat and crowd control become one

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