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A friend of mine, who happens to be one of my favorite chefs, worked on the Bon Appetit clam & swiss chard skillet pizza shoot a couple of months ago and could not stop raving about it. The recipe definitely works except that I felt I needed to work w/the dough again.

My first try, the dough was too thick for my liking. Not a fault of the recipe - just technique and know how would certainly have me perfecting skillet pizza. SO, it's been knocking 'round in the back of my head for some time now to make it again. You should know by now that I use recipes as an inspirational spring board only.

I bought of course, all organic pizza dough, 2 balls in the freezer case at Whole Foods, (for less than $2.) because the recipe explains a brilliant technique for defrosting and working with frozen pizza dough.

If you're using fresh dough - give me a minute here and let me describe this fabulous Dfrosting technique. Fill a kettle or bring at least 6 Cs of water to a boil. Fill a bowl that can take boiling liquids, put a cookie tray on top of the steaming bowl of water, sprinkled the cookie sheet with flour, place the frozen dough on it and cover/tent the dough w/plastic wrap. 10 minutes on each side.

Preheat your oven to 500 degrees.

While the dough is Dfrosting prepare your pizza toppings. The pizza I made was sautéed leeks, corn, & basil infused mascarpone.

Once you make a skillet pizza I'd bet anyone $4 that you can make it in just

about a half hour.

I prepped the leeks the traditional way, by cutting the leek in half length wise, then thinly slicing across and washing that well in cold water. Drain the well washed leeks and add to heating olive oil, Salt (of D Earth), & garlic slices in a heavy skillet. Add the corn and cook until just done. Trader Joe's, all organic frozen corn is really Dlish.

With your toppings cooked, prepared or sorted out and the dough defrosted and ready to work with you're going to roll it out. Pizza dough is not like piecrust dough. Pizza dough is really easy to roll out and work with. You will need some 'bench flour'.

Here's a big trick. After preparing whatever topping you want, you're going to use this pan to cook the pizza in. The pan must be perfectly dry w/no oil residue. Get the pan very hot and sprinkle corn meal over the bottom of the pan. Place the rolled out dough into the pan. Brush or coat with olive oil - however you like. Another reason I'm so into skillet pizza is because its SO hands on.

The first time I tried the recipe I used one whole ball of rolled out dough and fit that in the pan. It was just to thick for me. The toppings I used were sliced steamed carrot, sunchokes & sautéed clams. The 2nd time I made the pizza - from which these photos were snapped you'll see the pizza was pretty free form in shape but it worked perfectly.

With a wooden spatuala ya wanna keep the bottom from sticking so keep lifting the dough up and shaking the pan a bit.

Ya wanna work fast.

Top your skillet pizza. Once this is done and the crust is not sticking to the bottom, this is when I topped the corn & leeks with dollops of the basil infused mascarpone.

Get the pan w/the pizza in it into the 500 degree oven and let it cook another 6-8 minutes.

The pan & the pizza are screaming hot.

Let them cool.

The pizza will come right out of the pan, cut & serve. Red, white, beer, juice for kids whatever... It's my newest specialD. Enjoy.

Share w/me some toppings you use. 

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