Mess In Mexico

The Greater Community Issue: Section:


X- today all over mexico there will be the largest marches the world has ever witnessed, but with so much corruption who knows how much the world will see?? the major drug cartel behind the 'winning' candidate bought the major tv station to only televise their campaign, they bought votes from people who maybe get 20 pesos a week and gave them giftcards for supermarkets worth 500pesos!! this money could have only come from drugs, and then they also bribed the electoral body!
in just one week of PRI in power -my assistant got attacked in her car on a busy street at lunchtime, another friend got attacked at knifepoint, the owner of the carpark next to my studio got robbed at knifepoint, a friend found a girl beaten up and robbed in the street, and another friend going to work in the morning in her car, in traffic with plenty of people around had a guy smash her windscreen and rob her at gunpoint. this is not normal.
Mexico has just been sold to a drug cartel, WE NEED CHANGE.

I have been working with Mayan artisans in Yucatan, the Mayan prophecy is not that the world will end in 2012, but that truth will be revealed so that we can pass to the next stage in human existence and that people who are damaging this planet ecologically or socially will not reach to this next stage. Imagine if the Mayans are right, amazing!
Z my oh my - the world is ready for revolution and needed.
it seems to me- the issues here in this country UK we have had it supposedly so good for too long we have such a splintered, lethargic and broken systemtic attitude to wards the fight, the question
bombarded by politicians being political in their answers - i.e. no answer ....... committees asking the right questions but seemingly  resolved to receive an answer  such as "I can't  quite remember "
what you can't remember whether you screwed us out of a whole load of money or were happy to remain corrupt or illegal as long as the dollar came your way .. etc etc etc 
the list is long for us all BUT
It gives me such faith when i see that image
as long as we all remember people power is what turned the page as well as the individual moment and decision.
Saying that i feel powerful in my thought right now but all it takes is a few Monday morning issues , 
the irritating normal to get in the way and it stops you in your track and consumes your day!
 BUT  swing back and once more I believe that hope is within the restless ness.. 
IT has to be  - it is what makes us different and beauiful as people and nothing changes as fast as we believe BUT it does change!
X - here are some photos from marches all over mexico, from chiapas to sinaloa. some of the photos show the violence towards the protesters.

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