Glass House Oblivion

Bodhi Freedom Issue: Section:

I wait for you

in the pale light of dawn
for kisses from anguished lips
the memory of your touch
of excessive passions
acerbic dreams
i am guilty

the sad eyes 
of a thousand goodbyes
the silence of shadows
offers no consolation
to the iron heart
easter sunday
so far past
i dare not 
journey there

fear of repitition
corrupts this slow lament

as afternoon comes 
falling perilously slow
the tedium
of a figure in perforated time
as witnessed by others
the stars are dark tonight
the bland stares of the blind
baseless facts expounded by droids
at the center for the dull
the battery runs low
cells divide
time is pierced and distant
memory becomes
an apocryphal distraction

we are
you must know
a stone's throw away
from glass house oblivion.

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