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Neutrinos arrive early. ‘early’ defined in zeros.

Numbers, equations, measures, already beyond our sense of reality. 

So is this,  is there, a New…. another Dimension?


Lewis Carroll’s mathematical wormhole…… 

Allowing Part Rabbit, Part girl, Part Hole to be a real possibility.

Murakami leads us into his worlds, states with two moons; Pullman envelopes our imagination with daemons and so we begin to imagine further………. could the thought of 30.70.30  be true


More than a state of possibility?

Trials & ‘parts’ that collide with research only attempt to begin a visual essay on this most genius sense of hope within science

& our attempts to innovate always fall short of our imaginations but a dress has to belong to someone and then maybe a dream state can begin, a daemon belong.


Opiate floral crepes, dark mattered fabrics…

Loop., pour and twist and tailor. In and out sculpt and combine into a collection , a small tribe.

Not a season, but a collection. 

She would be fluid all her life, but what had accused her contours and had attracted the contours to a centre, what had illuminated her against the

world and had given it an intimate power, that had been the secret.

(from the beginning of Clarice Lispector's O Lustre 



B O U D I CC A : Showstudio

Thirteen tracks :


There Is A Light That Never Goes Out - The Smiths - The Queen Is Dead

Pioneer To The Falls (Orchestral) - Interpol - Mammoth

Society - Eddie Vedder - Into The Wild

Ghost Hardware - Burial - Untrue

The Fix (feat. Richard Hawley) - Elbow - The Seldom Seen Kid

Wilhelms Scream - James Blake - James Blake

I Believe to My Soul - Ray Charles

How To Disappear Completely - Radiohead - Kid A

The Hall Of Mirrors - Kraftwerk - Trans-Europe Express

Sweet Harmony - Liquid - XL Recordings: The Third Chapter

Purple Rain - Prince - Purple Rain

Digital - Joy Division - Substance

Everybody's Talkin At Me - Harry Nilsson - Midnight Cowboy


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