Market to Table

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The Meal

Toulouse chipolata and merguez marinated in spicy north african herbs, crushed garlic in olive oil.

Red potato skins, filled with mashed potato, gorgonzola and rocket salad

Tomato salad - 2 types of red 


heirloom tomatoes, sea 


salted, balsamic vinegar and fresh mint

Large white mushrooms stuffed with roasted ends of baguette, olive oil and herbs de provence, mixed with fresh basil, chives, garlic, white 


onion and sliced mushroom. Stuffed and toothpicked back together.

Red onions with balsamic glaze, black pepper, honey, sugar and balsamic vinegar. Sauted down.

Basmati rice with pine nuts, cherries and salted butter.

Basil mustard condiment.

Homemade spicy red pepper tomato sauce.

Cornichons, duck sauscisson served on edge of plate.

Fresh baguette and cheap wine.

The leftovers the following day were even better.


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