Unlock Series

sasinfrank Issue: Section:

you are right

three times to
straighten up
at eight

two to the third
(infinity before
it got knocked
over and
stepped on
i reckon)

and then left
past the target

you are enjoying this
another delectable
an additional
leftward circuit
just for suspense

and you stop
this time
at thirty
there it is
a three on one
side of the peak
a zero
on the other

half a minute
half a moon
half a mind to


but you're not through

no now
you're right again

drifting to a number
not even i myself know
the last of three
the completer

i've broken both
listening for what
it could be

but your fingers
willow fine
with tito puentes skill
would still
find that note
if you suddenly
went as deaf
and blind as me

they summon
by their prints
that precious resonance
a glissando ache
like from
the crystal mallet tail
that rattles
and trails
your playful body
every time
you climb
up my
vibraphonic spine

and so called out
all aligned i click
to give up the last cam and tumbler

great god almighty
you have always had my number

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