Rhetts Wedding Song (New Mexico)

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In matters like these i imagine a revolving sky
mountains too far to reach
consulting on either side
as far away
and just as pregnant
comes a thunderhead
i've got a letter and i mean to send it
it says come on over, you're not a minute too soon
we've been picking up bones and talking to stones since the sun gave way to the moon
hello over there have you seen any rain?
Las Tablas the red eye,Tres Arellias the dead eye
and Arroyo Seco is living up to its name

in moments like these i'm reminded of promises
and how we take relief in all that is rare to us
it takes mountains of faith
to hear the words in a thunder clap
whispered soft as lace
try too hard and you're too clever by half
it says cumbaya, mandala mandala refrain
we've been beating our drums while some of us hum "have you ever seen the rain?"
hey over there i believe in rain
bearing hard down on dixon
this storm is fixing
to wash the seco out of somebodys name

at crossroads like these im healed by the yielding sky
washing out the pain and grief and cooling  the sage with a sigh
as far away
as yesterday
and as near to me as the future i believe i see
i see mountains in glory stepping up to shoulder the sun
what more i see you and me eye to eye now the rains begun
can i say this more plainly at this moment in time
can shake the words from lightning pick them up and make them mine
need i be as bold as Embudo
upright as Pilar
persistent like the Rio Grande
to get these words to where you are
hey over there
im singing our song
swim with me in this flood
the rhythm of rain is in our blood
hey over there
im singing our song
sweet harmony in waiting
comes a culminating
and i believe i can hear the mesa singing along

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