June 2011

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“...there is always hope.” ~ Aragorn, The Lord of the Rings (Tolkien)

The heavy hitters Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are in league and up to bat for the feverish pitch coming from an inevitable clash of old and new world views. Our evolutionary crossroads are really just divergent options begging for decision. “Survival of the fittest” in this generation likely refers to those who are more interested in the freedom money can buy than the money itself.

Neptune’s movement into the house of Pisces inspires a complete re-evaluation of how we are involved in the future. There are choices to make and though the application of knowledge is not the same as the application of conscience when combined they produce a resource of ingenuity, creativity and legacy that benefits all.
The voice of nature is as real as our own: many will experience an increased sensitivity to the natural world, the essence of which can permeate our sense of self and open the mind to change from the inside out. Evolution of thought patterns is natural and does not have to be painful. An open mind is our defense against the illusion of fatalism and the fear creeping into our daily lives. Be aware, not beware, of the confusion generated by shared assumptions for they restrict conscious expansion. We are all anxious about the future but must avoid the impulse to think in terms of all or nothing. Just as it is a crime to walk into a movie theatre and scream fire, it is criminally minded to pontificate doomsday. The future is created by our vision of it. We will not avoid challenge or change so we must refine our debate to ensure that reaction becomes a response: continuous reaction to what has passed usurps the present: we must be present to affect the future.

You have a voice, no one before or after you in all of time will ever have your voice. This month words have increased resonance: it is important to stay conscious of meaning. The words used to convey belief, understanding and desire have not changed in millennia. Sacred texts were formed by the same words we use daily in conversations of every kind. Do not underestimate the power and longevity of the words that come out of your mouth, they represent you in every way. This month’s Mercurial activity will hold us responsible for what has been said. The truth is always simply stated , try to remember that one sentence spoken without conscience can negate, or allow others to forget, all prior good deeds.
Assuming that quality, material or novel, is what qualifies knowledge: qualia, sensory information or experience, qualifies conscience. A person’s quality of life is dependent on the balance of social responsibilities with chosen personal ones. The word quality is a derivative of the word equal. This month, a strong desire to run toward the unknown must be acknowledged as qualia and fostered as potential quality yet it would be wise to make both social and personal lives equal despite the impulses, for we are more powerful and qualified when supported by those we love.

Solstice sunshine always restores our life force: an open mind and heart encourages us to bring darkness to the light. When seeking for self- mastery within our lives an experience with authority is inevitable. Some rebel, some learn to administer their own personal authority. In either case authority is given and its purpose is to service our value system: when values are compromised so is the authority to uphold them. Just, is just us. As a nation, we have advanced in the art of administration: it is time to advance the value system so that authority is once again of service to what is shared. We live in a world created by ancestral vision, we have the same opportunity and same obligation to envision a world of plenty for our own progeny: authorize the vision.

Life force is a resource and its potential must be exploited in order to evolve. If we ever wonder what one person can do, let us then remember the simply stated truths of those individuals whose presence in the world changed the course of human history: we hold their words dear to this day.

Saturn to Uranus: “There is no freedom without structure.”
Uranus to Saturn: “Freedom is best realized as a long term goal.”
Pluto to Saturn: “Are we there yet?”
Jupiter to Pluto: “Confusion comes from a lack of honesty”
Neptune to Mars: “Skill and knowledge is protection from intimidation.”
Neptune to Venus: “A serious relationship is not a means to an end.”
Saturn to Mercury: “Listening is also a form of communication.”

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Michelsen, N.: American Ephemeris for the 21st Century 2nd Edition (1997)

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