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May Day 2011

Grab the bull by the horns! The month of May is fertile with challenge and desire and both come with the strength to act upon them. A stellar asterism, a gathering of planets, occurs in the house of Aries. The planets; Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Uranus in the first house of the zodiac suggests a biological and emotional desire to express ourselves outwardly. Personality and ego may compete for face value and it will test the virtue of character to remain honest to them both.
May is infused with Venusian sensuality and Mercurial sensibility: we can feel the spring warming our blood urging us, challenging us to harness and plant our vital interests. The Rites of Spring are vital to all life on earth and in all domains of love ~ you cannot lose what you are willing to give.
The Uranian contribution to the lively stellar asterism offers us great insight into our own thoughts and the power they have. Action is the equivalent of moving yourself from dream to reality: it requires liberation of thought. Ouranos was the God of the sky in ancient Greece and is symbolized by the Sword of Adamant which was used to sever the once unified conscious and unconscious self. Dualism is an inner conflict for us all yet outwardly we are also challenged to be whole: “…to obtain a conscious peace of mind” (Jung). This month will challenge us, by opposition to our sensibilities, to be adamant about what is important.
Oppositions from the first house planets to Saturn, the record keeper, can lead to refrain from action. This hesitance differs from caution or intuition: which are there to protect you, it can be recognized instead as a loss of confidence, faith, self- knowledge. It is true there are times we know ourselves and times we forget. Saturn represents memory, we may hesitate to move forward if our effort to preserve stays anchored to the past. We are being made aware that liberation, freedom and individuality do not equal peace and that “Every age has a version of the truth” (Campion, 2010).
At mid-month the inner planets; Mercury, Venus and Mars will convene in Taurus triggering a Grand Trine to Saturn and Pluto. This is favorable and can lead to empathic understanding towards ourselves and others. Sincerity is a key to manifesting the truth now and enthusiasm is generous of spirit. Whenever Pluto is involved the un-conscious is at work, if our thoughts are leading us into dark places it is to show us that we glow. This powerful planetary aspect can inspire us to seek purpose instead of power, vision not sight, and helps to separate fact from fiction.
True power does not use force: any problem is a challenge to change the mind. Force must consume to exist and represents a failure to change the mind. This month our thoughts will determine the relationship between problems and their solutions. Regardless if we trust others to do the right thing, can we trust ourselves?

For those early morning risers, the stellar asterism of Mercury, Venus, Mars and Jupiter can be viewed at dawn for the first three weeks of May. On the 11th Venus and Jupiter combine their light and shine like diamonds in the sky. Illumination of this kind is what inspired the worship of deities for millennia: for the majesty and wonder of it puts us in our place.
Saturn remains bright in the nighttime sky as it slowly moves southeast into the summer. Saturn’s Moon, Titan, can be viewed with a telescope with ease. Titan is the only solar system body comparable to Earth’s size and chemical composition. Titan is considered to represent what the Earth was like 3 billion years ago.
The Eta Aquarid meteor shower will peak at dawn on May 5th & 6th. The skies will be dark in the phase of the new moon so we will have optimum visibility. This is the annual passage of Earth through the tail (debris) of Comet Halley and as always it is a treat.
The Moon is full on May 17th (7:09 am/EDT), in the house of Scorpio. This placement contributes to the emotional body by liberating the still, deep waters that underlie all matters of the heart. As our true needs begin to surface, both conscience and un-consciousness will be unable to suppress them. It will become clear that what we actually need is not what we thought and this can pave the way to changing our minds and adding ourselves differently to the collective of humanity.

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