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Egypt Before and After...

Egypt has seen a dramatic change within the past few weeks. The middle class people were starting to decrease, people were getting poorer, signs of dictatorship were increasing day after day for the past 30 years. Everything felt wrong , everyone was occupied with his own fight for survival. It seemed as though if one would just go live in the desert and be isolated from everyone else a person could find peace. But running away wasn’t the solution and on the 25th of January people finally woke up from the nightmare they had been living. The first step to true democracy was taken by the people of Egypt, the revolution began.
What was amazing about this revolution is that it was peaceful all the way. The only violence came from the government not the people, and when they tried to revoke it people became stronger and stronger, the strong helping the weak and the rich helping the poor. Streets were getting cleaned by everyone who could, everyone wanted a better Egypt and finally they had a chance. Dictatorship will eventually fall and democracy will always rise. The previous regime tried to abolish any hope one could have and created fear and a struggle for survival among people.

Egypt will need many years to build back but one thing is evident. Whoever becomes president will always remember what happened on the 25th of January and will know that the Egyptian people are not passive as they were thought to be. Everyone’s voice will now count and our children would be able to live a better life in an Egypt which will continue to have a strong impact and reputation as one of the leading countries in the world.

An Egyptian who loves his country.

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