December 2010

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“Curiosity is the sign of a positive outlook”

Celestial Seasons Greetings!

The December 2010 planetary configurations ring loud and clear “Out with the old and in with the new!” It takes great physical energy to break a habit or pre-existing belief yet the inspiration to do so is persistent this month and is coupled with confidence and the recognition that overcoming obstacles has always been a choice.

Intuition serves to protect us and to foreshadow a future understanding. This month we may find ourselves exhilarated, nervous and yet confident without knowing why, it is intuition. In order to imagine the next version of ourselves we must confront what we believe is true, for we organize our reality around our beliefs and anchor our emotional security in them. Taking charge of our lives usually happens by rebellion or devotion and always requires an ability to change our mind and risk emotional security. It is true, you are talking to yourself.

Curiosity is the sign of a positive outlook: it is a calling, a longing and helps us to keep an open mind. As a being that is always becoming, don’t fret what you don’t know yet: the persistent curiosity of soul can be so intense that we are compelled to exclaim “Enough…I’ll do it!” To use the gifts we’ve been given requires that we accept them. Remember that the words disciple and discipline are the same and both represent a commitment to the next version of your self.

This month Mercury, Pluto and Mars are in league: their combined energy suggests there can be no revolution without a revelation. Mars and Pluto combine to bring our soulful desires to the purging fire of the will. As we act upon our truest beliefs Mercury’s retrograde cycle from the 10th to the 30th adds profound philosophy and an expansion of abstract thinking. This kind of inspiration reaches out and stimulates providence by inspiring others. It is a time of growth and expansion of humanity, a rise to the occasion that literally means “arise”: for we grow when we awake. We have a significant reason for faith in our greatest selves “...the moment one definitely commits oneself then providence moves too. All sorts of things occur to help one that would never have otherwise occurred.”~ Goethe
The winter solstice occurs at 6:38 PM EST on the 21st and is progressed by a total lunar eclipse in Taurus: it is visible in North America so amongst your holiday plans, the amber shadow of the Earth on the Moon is a spectacle of light indeed.

If you stay up all night, the Moon will reach full opposition to the Sun around 3 AM in the constellation of Gemini. The moon in this position is in aspect to the ruler of Gemini, Mercury and will help focus and sustain our enthusiasm. The Moon in Gemini enlightens the intellect by revealing the significance of what is true to the heart.

Lunar Eclipse February 2008

The MESSENGER probe launched by NASA in August of 2004 has completed its six planetary flybys; one of Earth, two of Venus and three of Mercury. This trajectory allowed for gravity assists and deep space maneuvers that will result in an orbital insertion around Mercury on March 18, 2011. We have sent our MESSENGER to the Messenger of the Gods and anxiously await the new information. Congratulations and thanks to NASA, the Carnegie Institute and Johns Hopkins University who designed and manage the mission.

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