Asperger's Syndrom Self Portraits

The Greater Community Issue: Section:

“ I know how to set up electrical, water, phones and cables.
I destroy the darkness of their homes”

Group Introduction

This writing was produced by our group, which meets every other Thursday. We talk about our lives, our jobs, our college courses, our families and our friends. We eat a bit and drink a bit. We laugh a lot. Sometimes we go out to museums or to the park. Sometimes we’ll go to karaoke or out to eat. We empathize, argue, comfort and debate.

We all have Asperger’s Syndrome or hit a spot on the autism spectrum. We all receive support from Jobpath Inc.

This is our work.
Urban Campfire

Iris Taylor Brown

If my Asperger’s Syndrome had a color it would be orange.
Anger and frustration.
People poking with their words and actions
rolling over me.
I am lost in my own mind.
Sometimes Asperger’s is raining
Sometimes it is sunny.
I never know what the weather will be.
Asperger’s is a strong mint
melting in my mouth. Unpleasant.
It’s a sour smell.
Asperger’s is amphibious, reptilian.
Rough and scaly.
Asperger’s makes me feel like I am in a space ship,
flying through the stars.
It turns me into an astronaut.
I see the planets of our solar system and I feel peace.
(Don’t worry, Asperger’s is not contagious!).


Rayquan Winchester

I wish that I had a cape and could fly around the country.
I believe that I am rich.
I know how to set up electrical, water, phones and cables.
I destroy the darkness of their homes.
Before the bus leaves, I rush to get on.
Before late time comes I punch the time in quickly.
When winter ends, spring will come.


Terence Woodson

I am orange carrots.
I am sunny, cloudy.
I am happy, proud, smart.
I am sweet, yum.
I smell good, pasta.
I am the city, parks and buildings.


Wendela Madnick

Asperger’s Syndrome is the balance between the normal perspective and autism. It’s noticeable when you’re young; the defaults in your manners will dissipate the older you get. It is like a novice just learning martial arts; falling once or twice, but keeps getting better before he is enlightened by experience.

To create things on the neurotypical level , one has to feel the right atmosphere around them. If the wrong atmosphere distracts you, your words might sound childish, like in the former paragraph.

moods are difficult to control if an AS person is depressed or upset. They will not laugh at someone who is willing to cheer them up, unless they change themselves.

It is rare to see an AS person connect to someone and be more at ease with other people than just their family members. However it will take longer for an AS person to get over the loss of a bond they had with someone.

Depending on the experience an AS person has had, many AS women would want to meet someone who is more on the neurotypical level.

After traveling from one destination to the next, an AS person would want to rest before wanting to respond to a greeting or a conversation by anyone.

After a couple of decades of experience it’s frustrating to still not to be able to make eye contact to people when I talk or they talk to me.

Ernesto Franco

I am an eagle swift and majestic
I am the sun, shiny and warm
I am a drum, round and noisy
I am New York City, tall and vibrant
I am an afternoon, active and workable
I’m a river flowing and seaworthy
I am blue, light and dark


Loneliness by Rayquan Winchester, Russel Hornig-Rohan and Zak’aa Gallant
The wind is going to make sounds.
Woo woo wish . . . whistling in the air.
A black woolen coat is hanging in an empty closet.
Gray clouds covering the sky.
Then it begins to rain.
The beat is going to sound
as a lonely man walks . . .

Benedict Sackar

I wish, I want to be a radio disc jockey.
I believe I want to do something in life with myself.
I am a very independent and social person.
I know that I always do things for myself and that I’m responsible for all these things.
I think that people care about me for who I am.
I create mp3 players.
I destroy video tapes.

Song for Myself by Ernesto Franco, Alex Ellis, Benedict Sackar and Terence Woodson

Kind person
I can hear the melody of a singer’s voice that was so harmonic.
Like a sailboat
that can go along the waters
against the wind.

Blue sky and clear blue water
and the smell of the ocean is nice and salty
and tangy.

The new day wants for what
I will become.

Alex Ellis

I am a dog adorable, kind.
Rain wet and cold.
New York City, big and lovely
I am morning, bright and sunny
I am the beach sandy and soft.
I am red love pure.


Zak’aa Gallant

I think it’s very much black, mostly black with a little bit of white. Because it’s not easy for a person like me to live with this condition. Almost every day of my life I live in a very dark world and the only light I have is the stuff that I like and love. But sometimes it gets a little bit dimmer because I see people with the same stuff that I love. But it’s either brand new or something that I don’t have at all.

Or I see a person with a beautiful girl beside him and I not only get jealous, but a terrible fury boils and burns inside me because I know that because of what I am, that will never happen in my life or lifetime. And because it makes me want to be normal. But sometimes I wish that I were invisible like the invisible man. Then I would not have to worry about looking at myself in the mirror.

Joshua Wolf

Scared of monsters.
Hard to breathe and then you die.
Then that’s it.
They want your blood.
I get away from them.
Run away.
Somewhere to hide.
Under a shelter.
Relax and breathe.
No more monsters.
I would be nice,
tell them . . .
“I didn’t do anything to you!”.
They would listen
and we would become friends.
We’d go out together and have fun.
Go bowling.
Other people would find them scary.
I would tell them . . .
“He’s a nice monster”.
The monsters would get everyone a hot car.


Russel Hornig-Rohan

Staring smells like ugly clothes
Staring feels uncomfortable
Staring tastes like intravenous fluid
Staring is like the color black in an old, run-down home
Staring sounds like loud traffic
Staring is the smell of an oil refinery
Staring is graffiti written on boxcars
Staring feels like dementia.

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