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“Love gives when not asked and serves with no demands”

In the coming days we may find ourselves pondering the Sun behind the Sun: the mysterious self beyond the physical senses. The inner life is anxious to expand, there is knowledge beyond words and we seek the mental freedom to understand it.
We are confronted with the reality that seeking future gratification is a means of forgetting the now. In a soul search we are confronted by our discontent and moved by our own mystery. The soul is not silent it is private: though we find mirrors for it in those we love and respect. Remember that you are changing and optimism can be restless: moods change as the identity adjusts to new light.

“Hell is forgetting who we are.”
~Sigmund Freud

This month can be like a pendulum: it swings between the dimensions of love and anger, desire and resentment, attraction and aggression. If you become unsure which is the dream and which is reality remember two things: Love gives when not asked and serves with no demands. If you find anger, resentment or aggression in the mirror of your lover’s eyes, it is a reflection. It is not happening to you, it is happening because of you.
The full Moon in Taurus on the 21st brings romance to the cool November night, coupled with Venus’ return to Libra the lunacy and beauty of our need to be needed returns.
The Leonid Meteor Showers begin on the 10th and will peak on the 21st, the full moon will affect the viewing until around 3 AM so bundle up!
Mirror, mirror
With your back against the wall
Projecting our reflections back, what stories you could tell.
We change our face before you, but don’t see ourselves like you do
We suffer in vain to please you, though you see right through.
Mirror, mirror

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