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“my mini casbah in the sky is so dear to me and when i'm home it feels like I am in a different world ”

Escape from the mayhem is necessary when living in a city that does not really understand the idea of "down time". Many areas, especially my neighborhood, go through a cycle of phases every day to take advantage of the thriving local, expat, and tourist community that makes Bangkok such an amazing city.

Street food vendors of all kinds can be found throughout the day, the earliest ones set up before the dawn to feed the corporate society their breakfast or pre-breakfast snacks while others who fed the late night bar and club crowd are just closing down shop. All the hours in between the streets are fillled with clothes, art, cheap souvenirs, pirated DVD's and the random viagra salesmen with a wide array of enhancing supplements only a truly adventurous fool would indulge in.
Constant traffic coughs out fumes and the dust seems to only settle after the seasonal monsoon rains wash away the haze that can not really be seen but rather felt on your skin after a full day outside. These are some of the reasons why my mini casbah in the sky is so dear to me and why when i'm home it feels like I am in a different world.

Perched up on the 28th floor of a 45 floor high rise my studio faces north overlooking the city with mostly unobstructed views. Infrequent sounds penetrate the windows like the 7am choir music from a nearby international school’s morning assembly and the occasional taxi's short beeps to attract new customers. My place is not big but my wall of windows gives me a spacious illusion that makes me feel far from suffocated.
All this for 350 dollars a month.

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