October 2010 is a scream, literally

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“if you are not digesting your experiences or your experiences are not nutritious - try some hope”

Reminding us that we are one cosmic family, the MC for October is none other than the “Heir of Indifference” itself~ Mercury. With much pizazz and vigor Mercury’s objective is to solve the psychological dilemma of aggressive competition vs. sensitivity and practical progress. Aggression is always used to make the “other” uncomfortable and it works to deter those who are not decisive. Sometimes however, the unspoken, over-sensitive practicals decide to take on the pressures of decision making and criticism and rise to the occasion. Mercury seeks to make sure that a voice is given to both the IQ and the EQ.

With his celestial mission to get the scoop, this month Mercury interviews each member of the cosmic family and gives an ear to the differences of opinion we are projecting onto each other. Mercury, the God of reason, communication and ideas will cleverly use the power of words to iterate that each person wants the same opportunity as the other.

The ace reporter’s first call is to Jupiter, the Lord of Expansion, currently residing in the house of emotional boundaries, Pisces. Jupiter in a retrograde stance states that the appetite for knowledge needs an objective and warns that expectations of others not only ignore our personal responsibility but rely on self-serving conclusions. Jupiter states that silence is golden especially because introspection and listening remind us of what was learned and forgotten.

Mercury’s next call goes out to his personal guru, Uranus, Lord of Vision, who is combining strength with Jupiter in Pisces and is also retrograde to clarify the need to compromise, to use our intellectual vitality to attract not repel. Entertaining, zealots deter progress and likely argue to confuse an issue. Uranus says to step back and watch with amusement but awareness happens within: adaptations to change emerge, they are not topically applied. Uranian awareness is bright but does not cast shadows; it includes all aspects and understands the need for differences of opinion. For those who wish to utilize the Force, it must be understood that the Force is greater than the Dark Side because it includes the Dark Side. Only the Sith deals in absolutes.

Next in Mercury’s queue is a face to face conversation with the Lord of Time, Saturn and the Creator itself, the Sun. In the house of Libra all things are made equal but all are challenged to grow as well. The Sun-Saturn conjunction in the beginning of the month is a good time to raise issues to the light. We are being urged to take time and listen to what each generation is saying: the institutional memory of our elders and the contributions to vision by fresh eyes together provide the ways and means of hope. The Sun-Saturn combination has a direct effect on digestion: if you are not digesting your experiences or your experiences are not nutritious try some hope.

Mercury’s next call around the 17th is to Neptune the Lord of the Subconscious. The water King speaks volumes of the enormous compassion just under the surface in each of us and suggests that we seek meaning and purpose via the free imagination instead of the competition of idealism. The remedy for information overload is to recognize that when we have learned something, it is removed from conscious thought. After we learn to ride a bike we never think of it again, we trust ourselves.

Mercury’s next interview around October 21st is a planet to planet conversation with excitable Venus who currently resides in the house of Scorpio. She is in red velvet so communication must remain skillful and non-threatening. She is here to encourage harmony by persuasion and is skilled at making a point without scratching. Venus in this position supports the need for complimentary opposition. Harmony does not occur when people have the same position, it occurs when different positions add their overtones to each other. Venus wants us to remember that the laws of attraction are always in play and that opposition is not a threat, it is a complement.

Mercury’s last call goes out to the Lord of the Underworld, Pluto. Despite being unconscious Pluto fans our desire for recognition, attention and reassurance. This type of drive will not stop until it is satisfied. This month we will not rest until we do something that makes us feel good about ourselves. Pluto says that: To be free of conclusions is to participate in the unknown.

Mercury’s call to Mars will be returned next month because right now Mars the Lord of Vitality is in the trenches of watery Scorpio where his warrior spirit is being suspended until angst and anxiety are released. Currently the fiery warrior in us all is struggling with fear of being controlled, fear of rejection and fear of change. Unfortunately, relinquishing control is the only way to allow for transformation.

The Mercurial specificity of this month is of great importance: one planet in aspect with every other planet in the Solar System is no small geometric feat. Mercury synthesizes processes and transfers information; it represents the Super-ego and demonstrates itself through our intelligence and reasoning skills. Mercury’s power lies heavily on the fact that words cleverly placed can have different meanings to each person. A powerful statement can resonate in many people for different reasons and be an effective agent for an idea. In the same respect, an insensitive statement can destroy accomplishments.

Folks, we have a comet! This month passing through the northeastern sky through the constellations of Cassiopeia and Perseus is Comet 103P/Hartley. This is a naked eye object which will be best observed on the nights of October 8th – 10th because of the new moon and seasonally darkened skies.
Still, if you have your hearts set on a romantic meteor shower….we have that too! From October 21st through November 7th the great Orionid Meteor Shower will grace us with a steady flow of eons old debris from Comet 1P/Halley (Halley’s Comet). Due to the full moon these shooting stars are best viewed in the wee hours of the night. Though annually we can expect the Draconid meteor shower around October 8th, this one is not predicted to yield a nominal display.
Good News America, despite budgetary cut backs and logistics queries we are going back to the Moon! This is another small step that leads to a giant leap for mankind. After a three year conversation and many false starts our scientists are now preparing the Aries 4 rockets with state of the art technical ingenuity to carry both man and material to the Moon in 2020. We hope to land near the southern pole and our goal is to create the first off-world habitat for future generations to build upon: Kudos to NASA for keeping our dreams alive!

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