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(Stories of immigrants from Mexico, in their own words)

My name is _____ and I grew up in a little farm in Mexico, going to school in the morning and watching the cows in the afternoon. When I was eight years old we moved to a very little town for about a year and then moved again to a bigger town. There I finished my schooling up to grade six and started to work on the farms.
When I was twenty-one I married and moved to a city and we both started to work in a factory. After three or four months working there I went into the Mexican army for three years. When I finished my contract with the army, my wife and I came to the USA to work and save some money to build our own house. We saved money to do that and went back to Mexico and built a little house. After seven years of marriage my son was born and we came to the USA again just for our son to have a better life than my wife and me.
We lived in Colorado for about four years but my wife doesn't drive in the city and we didn't like to leave our son with people we didn't know so we decided that my wife wouldn't work and she would stay at home watching our son. We had a lot of problems there because we didn't have I.D.s to put the utilities in our name and had to drive to work and my neighbors sometimes sent the police to my house. So I decided to leave my job in Colorado and my very good boss and move to New Mexico.

My name is ____. I'm from Jalisco, Mexico, from a little town where the people are very friendly and all the time they try to help all the people who need it. I came to the United States because my parents brought me eight years ago. The reason why they came here was because in Mexico they couldn't find a good job.
My life in the U.S. is better than in Mexico because here I have the opportunity to work and study at the same time. I miss my life back there but I don't want to go back to live in Mexico because here I have all the necessities for a better life and a lot of opportunities and in Mexico I don't have these things.
My long-term goal is to continue to study to obtain a degree and to try to be a better person and help other people like me that are coming from another country. I hope to be a better person and continue my education to reach my goals.

My name is _____. I'm from Uriangato, Mexico! Life there was difficult because of economic problems, but even when we had problems we had a pleasant life. Back in Uriangato I studied to become an administrative technician. I had a lot of fun while studying and had various experiences, though I never actually became an administrative technician. Also, I worked in a community services program called “Comite de Juventud Cruz Roja Mexicana”. There we helped people with less resources. I also worked helping a social worker at the “D.I.F.”
Like I said before, we had economic problems, which is the main reason we decided to move to the U.S. When we came to the U.S. we were legal thanks to years of effort from my dad.
When we got here, we had difficulties, for we had nowhere to stay. We had to start from zero. The first place we lived was in one of our uncle's house. We lived there for about three months. Then we moved to our own house (a mobile home). At first we had a hard time for we had no furniture (some of my siblings had to sleep on the floor), but as time went by we managed to get the basic furniture.
My life here is a lot different than in Uriangato, like, for example, here I managed to buy my own automobile. Also, here I have a job in a restaurant and I can afford to pay for my own needs. Also here I have more opportunities to finish studying and have a better financial condition. To finish studying and become a citizen of the U.S. are some of my goals. Also I hope to become a professional chef! So that is basically a summary of my life.

My name is _____. I am from Chihuahua, Mexico. I am twenty-one years old. My life in Mexico was nice, because all my family lives in Mexico. My parents decided to come to work in the U.S. for a better future and for me to have a good education.
My life here is nice but at first my life here was hard for me: the school, the people and making new friends. But now I am accustomed to my new life. Life here is different from back home, because customs and traditions are so different, but I like both countries. My goal is to have a career and my other goal is to be a good person every day.

My name is _____ and this is the story I want to tell you. It's not my story but it is a true story and I want very much to tell it.
One day Maria decided to take a trip to the USA. She was a poor person and she had a little girl named Anita, who was just ten years of age. Her father left when she was five years old. Maria was thinking about the illness of Anita; she had asthma.
Maria gathered some money and took a bus to the border. There she knew a man whose job was smuggling people. She made a deal with this man. She gave him all the money to pay for both of them. Another group of people were waiting. They hoped to cross the border. They were carrying a gallon of water and an old and dirty bag with one jacket. Finally, one man gave the order to walk into the darkness of the desert of Arizona.
They were walking about twenty hours when Anita started to have a crisis of coughing. Suddenly the man in charge was very angry and decided to leave her there. Maria, with all the love for her daughter, rested a night with her in a faraway zone. Maria and her daughter started to walk the next day in an unknown way.
Maria and Anita walked about three days and two nights, no water, no food. Her feet were extremely injured. Maria prayed and cried. She sometimes talked with somebody, looking at the sky. Maria carried her daughter for many hours. Maria was only thinking to save her daughter.
Suddenly on the horizon there appeared a bright light. It was the border patrol. Maria started to cry when she saw the officers. Then Maria and Anita went to the hospital. And the next day the Immigration office gave her a visa to stay here until Anita was completely well. Maria started to work and Anita went to school. Finally Maria reached the American Dream.

Viva la gente, toda la gente!

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