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When I created this collection, I was fascinated with the idea of time travel being something we will see in the not so distant future, especially with all the constant advances in technology and the internet.

I named it the collection MMX because Roman Numerals are used usually to denote time, eras, and timelessness. In exploring this idea of time in MMX collection, it seemed like the perfect name. ANKH is an Egyptian heiroglyphic symbol for the key of life.

The jewelry was dreamed to be made by a time traveler who gathers things; foreign coins and pennies, keys that have lost their locks, vintage charms and remnants of scrap chains and creates something new and valuable from them. The coins and keys, the “canvas” for this wearable art, have been hand stenciled and painted in abstract lace and alphanumeric patterns. Symbols, especially letters and numbers, are very prevalent in our consciousness these days and the abstraction of them is intriguing to me.

The lookbook images, which I also styled are an important part of the collection, I worked with a great team including a photographer from Italy to document our time travellers. The result: intriguing black and white portraits of a band of gypsies including my daughter June and I. One of the inspirations for the look is Gustav Klimt paintings and portraits, sensual yet stern.

Shot on black and white 35mm film on my LA rooftop, the images have an alluring rich
and timeless quality, a little bit past, a little bit future: Part real, part fantasy.

My favorite image is a portrait of myself sitting on a chair on the roof adorned in bold wonder-woman like cuff bracelets with my daughter June dancing gracefully around me. Art imitating life or life as art.

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