Tucker on Screen

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With titles such as All Things Poetic, The Silent Spaces and Ira's Wooden Chest you would surely assume I was about to review a book of short stories when in fact these are just some of the names that Tucker designer, Gaby Basora, gives to the beautiful prints she designs. The romantic names assigned to each print just add to the lovely journey one takes when discovering Tucker for the first time. Soft, lovely, spirited, adventurous, strong and naughty are the words that pop in my head when I think of Tucker. The silhouettes are deliciously appealing, too, with the simple billowy sleeves on a blouse or the ruched shoulder of a dress with a suggestive tulip slit (at the front) all making for surprisingly simple yet defining details that set Gaby's collection apart. Personally, I find Tucker empowering as a modern woman who travels through the day from dropping the kids to school, in meetings all day, ending up at a gallery opening that evening before heading home and needing to feel appropriate for all of the above. See for yourself below and at www.tuckerbygabybasora.com

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