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Back in 1999 I answered an ad in the Village Voice for a singer to work on a couple of tracks to complete a dance record that David Biegel was finishing for Ubiquity records.
We instantly hit it off and started listing off every influence to each other from Massive Attack, Portishead  and Radiohead to The Clash, Jimi Hendrix and Jane's Addiction.
After a few sessions the project became a whole new record that David and I wrote together and for one reason or another named ourselves Puracane.
Our first album and sadly the only one we would end up doing together
 "Things You Should Leave Alone" was released in 2000 by Ubiquity Records.
We included a cover of Summertime Rolls by Jane's Addiction and it got a lot of college radio airplay and was later picked up by KROCK.
We were compared to Portishead, Sneaker Pimps and Bjork in almost every review but I was happy with that!

(photo by Jen Maler)
We had some songs featured in tv and movies and the album was getting cool reviews.
I however desperately wanted to play live.
David helped me put a band together even though he wasn't so keen to join himself.
The lineup included my husband Griff on drums,
Though he still maintains he had to audition!
The first Puracane lineup was soon performing it's first show at Arlene Grocery to a packed house.
I still have that show on vhs somewhere!

We were lucky enough to get some support slots on the Levis Stage in a bunch of random shows around the country with huge bands, such as Sting, Duran Duran, even Aerosmith!
Ubiquity wouldn't help us financially and the shows weren't very well paid so the only way to do it was to rent a 15 passenger van on our own buck and sleep on friends floors and cheap motels.
Griff and I looked at it as more of a vacation which to this day was by far my favorite.
It was an amazing experience and a lot of fun and I wouldn't change it for the world.
We did start a good fan base too and got really tight as a band doing those shows.

After David's departure it was Tony Diodore and myself that started writing new material together.
He entered the band as a replacement guitar player but brought his electric violin along to the audition and blew our minds!
He played guitar, keys and produced music but it was his approach on the electric violin that gave those songs on "In Limbo" a style of their own.
Dogs, Sand and Shouldn't be Here are still crowd favorites.
We did a cover of Radiohead’s Fake Plastic Trees which brought us some attention too.
We got invited back on the Levis Stage and did shows with my idols Jane's Addiction and Depeche Mode.
That was for me was the height of our success and the best time ever!

Sadly the fun soon ended.
After a bad management deal and a lot of drama moral was very low.
After leaving another troubled night at the studio I woke the next day to learn some terrible news.
My daughter’s father Donnie had suddenly died of a heart attack at the age of 32.
It was a dark and difficult time and is reflected in the recordings we made then.
Watershed is especially haunting for me.
I do have fond memories now of our scrappy rehearsals at Ludlow rehearsal space and our Brownies shows
but the damage was done and
Tony left in about 2004 and the band was on a break!
He went on to start BM LINX
and I had to figure out if I wanted to go on as Puracane or start afresh.
It was about this time that I met Juan Masotta and he encouraged me to release all the recordings that I had done with Tony and the band.
Hence the title
"In Limbo the Lost Puracane Sessions"
We put it out ourselves
and dedicated it to Donnie.
(photo by Jen Maler)PuracaneJM012a
Myself and Griff were the only original members.
With Juan on guitar and Drew Thurlow on bass.
We began work on a new album and once more were a live band.
But nothing is plain sailing and once again life and the rising cost of living and rehearsing in the city got in the way.

The lineup dissolved but Juan and I finished the album.
During the process I became pregnant and wrote and recorded at least 3 of the tracks in my 2nd and 3rd trimester.

Griff and I welcomed our son Alfie Renton Griffiths to the world in July 2008
shortly followed by "I've Been Here The Longest" our 3rd album which Juan joked was his baby.
We released it in 2009 on Astraea records with a new live lineup.

Uka Gameiro on Drums
Chris Lee on Bass
Juan Cruz Masotta on guitar
myself Ali Rogers on vocals
and Hannah Thiem on Violin

Griff left and joined BM LINX with Tony which sure makes baby sitting easier when we play out!

Today we are writing an EP and playing out in the city.
We filmed our first official video in May for our single  "All Over Now".
Our next show is August 19th at Fontanas.

I guess I'm one of those musicians who will never stop making music.
Some say cursed I say blessed.

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