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Well, it’s been a long time but now it's finally here, my band's album
“Just A LiLBit.".  JLB features L’Quinn Lay on Sax/Vocals, Enoch Smith on
Keys/Vocals, Paula Green on Percussion/Vocals, Jesse Ryan
onGuitar/Vocals, Jordan Scannella (JorScan) on  Bass, Donald Malloy on
Trumpet, Moise Dumesle on Bass/DJ, yours truly Moreno Brown on
Drums/Vocals, and a guest appearance on the drums by Nikki Glaspie. This
is arguably the most diverse array of music put out since the 70s. True,
there has been good music since then, but collectively, as a band with a
strong sense of leadership from each person, I’d say it’s been a long
time coming.  

We have been working together nearly four years now. Through our journey
as musicians with a purpose, we have gone up, down, over and through good
and bad times. All which we much appreciate and respect because it has
helped us grow closer individually and as band members. I’m only stating
this because of how important it is for a group to be on the same page
with the same goals in order to complete a project as profound as “JLB."

“Gangsta Smooth Jazz,” our other album,  embodied a free spirit with
limited intentional direction. The only intention in developing those
songs was the making of good music that connects to people’s everyday
lives.  JLB will probably get categorized as R&B/Soul/Funk. It’s actually
a mix of those and many more. When we sit down with the intention of
making good music, what comes out is what comes out. We didn’t set forth
to pigeonhole a genre. If it sounds like one in particular, it's simply
because that’s how we felt when we were expressing our point.

That leads me to believe that this album is a classic, and superior among
others. Or that could just be me, tooting my own horn again.  Seriously,
since this sound has a little bit of everything, it has a greater chance

of never growing old. I really don’t mean to sound cocky but if you ask
me, the standard for music is not as high as when people were constantly
making music with instruments. Now is the time to begin bringing that

People need to be taught how to be respectful and tasteful again when it
comes to making music.  I can’t wait until everyone is converted back to
loving music and not just the idea of being a pop star. We all have a
voice and an idea that we can call our own. One of my goals as a musician
is to get people to learn how to appreciate individualism. And have no
fear of liking what might not be as popular as something that was forced
on them by  the public. I believe that we’ll get there. All it takes is
the right band to come along with the right approach and blast the scene
with a force of game changing music. Now go and buy the “Just A LiLBit “
album and have yourself a ball.  

Just A LiLBit “Gansta Smooth Jazz” can be purchased via the website:

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