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May 2010 is magical. This is the part of spring when the Sun rises a little higher ~ warming the Earth just enough to transform her materials into an expression: Becoming.

The night time sky has Venus, Mars and Saturn on display from dusk to midnight and for those
who ponder deep into the night on May 6th the Eta Aquarid Meteor shower peaks around 3 a.m. These beauties appear to us from the Constellation of Aquarius they are eons old and originate from Comet 1P/Halley.

On May 15th the crescent Gemini Moon turns its horns upward pointing directly toward the two stars that represent the horns of Taurus the bull. The planet Venus moves from Taurus to Gemini and takes her throne just above the Moon centered on the head of Taurus. This is a rare energy treat that fosters the combination of imagination with hope.

We have a lot to share now; imagination and hope are the builders of ideas. We are most quirky when inspired and in-spirit. It gives us the capacity to detect our souls within our bodies. This kind of alignment can quickly dissolve maladaptive thinking about self worth. The soul is always at peace and can encourage us to feel that. There is joy to be remembered that can never be undone.

Mercury, the ruler of Gemini, is retrograde in the Constellation of Taurus throughout the month. This suggests that our challenge is to know where to direct our power. Mercury is in the house of money to align material values with spiritual potential. Venus from her throne infuses words with feelings and fosters consciousness toward their power. It will be easier to get to the heart of the matter because this stimulates a mental capacity for emotion.

Our heightened capacity for focus this month comes through Pluto who understands there are unknown areas we all must cross to understand each other. Though fear of the unknown is a powerful reason to stay still, I encourage everyone to challenge pre-determination with self dedication. We are likely to acquire a deeper understanding of the role we have in our own lives.


The Saturn/Neptune aspects are in place to ensure we justify our convictions by challenging our assumptions. Politically we are each being asked what is most valuable. Moral questions such as this generally lead us to recognize that we are not that different from each other. I say, open the window, let the Sun in….yesterday’s ideal models will not fit today’s needs because we have made progress.

In May all sorts of things creep up that we didn’t know were there: ideas, inspiration, originality and essential love. Our hope is our unifying and collective force: there is no sacrifice when we act with hope: We cannot lose what we are willing to give.

Because power never belongs to one who struggles to hold on to it, true leaders are hidden by grace. Inspiring dedication from others is no small accomplishment but it is dwarfed by the responsibility that must be assumed. The call to service has gone out but those who have the best heart and mind for the job are least interested. They are tamed by power and are hidden by their respect for it, but they are there. Let’s shout good deeds from the rooftops, let them be counted and encourage our real leaders to come out and play with us.

“Access to power must be confined to men who are not in love with it.”
”…they will think of holding power only as an unavoidable necessity”
~ Plato, RepublicAspects to the planets Pluto and Neptune focus our inner desire toward identity; we may have felt weary to accomplish things while the goal post was always moving. This is the right time to take chances but with hope not desire. If you feel conflicted relax, reason and remember: It is enlightened to have your head in the clouds ~ if your feet are on the ground.

May is the builder of ideas so break out the Lego’s and Lincoln Logs! And for some extra-extra neutrino inspiration, check out the images from our new on-line Solar Dynamic Observatory.

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