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As the Avatar said ~ “You are in the world, be not of it.”
The celestial energy this month is focused on expansion and preservation of the self. Societal ills can transform the individual once the pre-occupation with emotion is overcome. If we are willing to sacrifice some emotion we can free ourselves from the impatience that prolongs understanding.
We may find that many people want attention, but do not know what to do with it. The combined energy of Pluto with the Moon will intensify our capacity to project onto others. This is a responsibility we all share yet a great deal of it will fall to media, news outlets and writers in particular because of the impact they have on mass consciousness. Revolutionaries spoke of times like these, the quote most appropriate for this month is: “Freedom without discipline is license, not liberty.”
There is a call to Brotherhood, not to arms. In the name of preservation we will find our genius and in the name of expansion, our ingenuity. It is now a factor of our modern society that people want to use their own energy for their own benefit, not have someone else use it. Those who help themselves will benefit those who have lost confidence and faith in their society. This powerful motive for change is dependant on our capacity to forgive and forget. We can think our way out of any challenge if altruism is sincere.
Venus takes her throne in Taurus at the beginning of the month: Venus has no tolerance for rude behavior and will provide a social conscience as swift as justice to those who are reckless. Forgive them, they hurt themselves. As she charms to disarm, Mercury, the communicator, joins her and begins a retrograde cycle on the 18th. In the house of Venus words are not as powerful as experience, there will be no room for Mercurial embellishment or assumptions, experience will speak for itself.
Progress takes time, we must give it time. The current tendency to compartmentalize issues has a blind side: we tend to forget how everything relates to each other and that it is a whole. To remember means to put back together, this month memory is an ally loaded with perspectives and may help us to return focus to the big picture. Did you forget you are a miracle? Did you forget why you are here? Ask yourself….you’ll remember.
The Saturn Uranus opposition at month’s end is likely to be a historical event. We are both anxious for and afraid of change. When anything expands, it also contracts to preserve: In society, as in the cosmos, compensation and cooperation prevent polarization. Dignity is our most persuasive trait: we must avoid diminishing the good intent of our new ideals by the means with which we obtain them.
In the coming days we will make clear that only those who serve will be given the authority to lead. The distortion of information has woken many revolutionary spirits, and many feel challenged by the times.
This is Earth month. We celebrate the beauty and pain of the correlation between planetary survival and our lifestyle. Imagination is fertile and the full Moon in Scorpio on the 28th will intensify and support environmental issues, there is a strong collective now and an opportunity to affect the behavior of wasteful thinking. To my fellow tree huggers: Break out the big guns…there is no revolution without revelation! More like minded people will be added to the collective, they just remembered…forgive them too.

We are naturally dualistic, split brained even and we may feel that we are leading two different lives this month. When Venus enters Gemini on the 26th the internal struggle will clarify itself. Dualism is most likely maintained by emotion. The factual side is probably fine with indifference, so in the name of preservation ~relinquish the recurring personal conflict. In the name of expansion, remember that emotion is a verb and it must remain in motion. In truth, whichever one you feed will dominate.
Forget Wormwood, wave bye- bye to Apophis…we have technology now. We have a lot of great ideas that are realistic and I love this one. Thanks to Shoemaker NEO Grants, the entire Planetary Society and astronomers in Scotland we have Mirror Bees!
The ability to track an asteroid is impressive yes, but not important if all we can do is watch and hope. We have recently developed technology called Mirror Bees that we hope can deflect asteroids. We would deploy a number of small spacecraft carrying mirrors; these will fly in tandem with the asteroid. The mirrors will focus sunlight like a laser onto the asteroid. Sunlight is the most powerful energy we have, focused light can vaporize sections or cause jets of heated gases from the asteroid to plume and push an asteroid out of our path. I have for many years been a voice and supporter of Carl Sagan’s Solar Sail idea: that we can use sunlight from satellites for electricity, I will settle for using it to push an asteroid out of the way…for now.
Though I should apologize for the March word madness, I hope there were some nuggets of relativity in it for some. I would like to correct a mistake made in my October article.
I said “Edwin Hubble helped Albert Einstein prove his theory that gravity bends light in space.” I would like to correctly name American Astronomer William Wallace Campbell as the key figure in the historical event known as the Solar Eclipse Project (1919-1922). It took years to accomplish, a war to get around and numerous failed attempts including one experiment that claimed to falsify the theory. In 1922, Professor W. W. Campbell, then residing at the Lick Observatory in Washington, beat the odds on a dark rainy day and photographed an eclipse. It was his findings that verified the Theory of Relativity as we know it. Thanks Professor!

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