R.I.P. Mr. Lee McQueen (1969-2010)

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The death of Alexander McQueen on Feb 11th, 2010 is truly a devastating loss to the fashion world. He consistently conceived the most memorable and emotionally charged runway shows in the history of fashion. The chess game of Spring/Summer 2005, the wolves that opened the Fall/Winter 2002 show like some tense modern day fairy tale, and that early McQueen show where rain fell on the runway...100066828 they always recharged me and reminded me of why I love fashion. His vision was fierce, though the clothes were the fiercest of all, easily living up to such showmanship. He was an expert tailor. You could cut yourself on the sharpness of a McQueen shoulder. His signature nipped waists and strong silhouettes harkened to regal times long past yet they always felt supremely modern and relevant. Losing Mr. McQueen so young in life is the equivalent of losing Coco, Yves or Hubert before they had a chance to fully realize their potential. Who knows what darkness led him to his final decision and why it is that so many amazingly creative people for centuries have struggled with life? And I am so sorry for his family and friends who have lost a son, brother, uncle or friend, but not knowing him I mourn the loss of someone brave enough to inject the increasingly banal world of fashion with an important dose of escapism and beauty – a beauty often tense and provocative - that tightened my throat on many occasion.

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