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how k* came to be

i've been cobbling for 6 years now...
creating a body-fitting chair and making my own shoes --  was my retirement plan back when i had thought that i will become a lawyer specializing in art law, flying to and fro the US and Japan...wrapped in clouds of naiveness....  i realized not only was logic not my thing, but story-telling, fast interpretation, all the skills weren't in me. fast forward...ilya, now husband, suggested i make shoes "now" at workshops around town than just wait until i retire. it all made sense, and that was what i did. once you start making shoes, you are addicted. i took several courses in a row from a teacher teaching at fit and around town, and started teaching my own classes in brooklyn, intending to start a cobbling circle, like a knitting circle. having a studio in greenpoint, making a pair a month... just wasn't enough. i made first samples, and handed it off to a factory in china which i found with luck through a friend. and voila, a starting point of k* shoes in january 2009.

series of glory booties are my signature styles.
every season there will be variations of them in different fabrications, different heel shape, etc.
next season, there will be an oxford glory.
in addition to the signature style, there are several different designs available each season.

k* mission is to add a distinctive character to time-honored designs through playful, handcrafted, and comfortable shoes.
i hope they make you smile.

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