February Stars

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The beauty of it all
Welcome to February 2010, a glass of Agape and some Eros for everyone!
This month is a special month for Venus, the goddess of love and beauty herself is in conference with all the big wigs of the solar system. She will express herself with great intensity and is a force not to be contained. She is free minded, open minded and can crack open even the darkest of secrets. Her deliberate action is to provide a sense of unity, for it is those we share our darkest secrets with that we love the most.
Venus in impersonal Aquarius moves easterly and begins her ascent to Pisces, where she is exalted and divine. The brilliant conjunction of Jupiter and Venus on the night of the 16th is a nod to the descending Jupiter as Venus ascends to her place as the jewel in the eye of the fish in the constellation Pisces. In essence this correlates with the Birth of Venus in Greek mythology: Venus is the child of the God Uranus, and is born from the sea. Uranus, the ruler of Aquarius and freedom, also rules of the month of Saint Valentine, the cupid of Venus.

Charmed, I’m sure…Do we fall in love? Or do we fall asleep from reality?
Venus checks in with Neptune first thing. The dreamy, creative ruler of Pisces is in place to dissolve boundaries where the head and the heart are concerned. Our quest for meaning is what inspires us to love and take chances, desire is not only physiological it is psycho-spiritual. When these two planets combine we are prone to intense desire around what is beautiful in our eyes. Satisfying our desire requires courage because real intimacy requires trust and security. It would be wise to stay aware that bright lights cast big shadows and we may forget ourselves if we are enchanted. It is only when we honor our boundaries that we are free within: we must trust ourselves first. If you are contemplating an intimate love relationship there is irony in that the one person who could destroy us with a word is not an enemy but the one we marry. Though Neptune may provide some illusion around our choices this month, rest assured that Love is not an illusion, the idea that it could ever be destroyed is.
Speaking of courageous love and bravery, this aspect also suggests that many of us will wake up our inner guardian angel, the rescuer graced by meaning and strength. If you are a superhero…this is your time to kiss the girl.
Venus’ next call is to Saturn the Lord of Time, resting silent in the constellation of Libra where it is exalted for its most wise patience. Relationships between ambition and cooperation are being tested for their relation to life. Saturn’s work here is to return self purpose to those whose potential has been usurped by obligations to others. In relationships, to love someone is to want for them what they want for themself, if you want for them what you want…you are loving yourself. After tutoring our Martian ambitions on stability, Saturn the taskmaster, along with Venus will counter those relationships which are uncooperative and do not foster stable self reliance. Truly, there is nothing that requires more discipline and sacrifice than love. Disciple and discipline are the same word: relationships are not for non believers.
Be mine
Funny, actually Venus is the hottest planet in our system, chemically toxic to life as we know it ~ yet so beautiful we are willing to do anything to understand her ~ Ah love.
We all have a strong ego, due to the intensified expectations and inspirations this month we cannot help but be “in love”. Personal magnetism is all about carrying this feeling around. What will be most contagious is social grace and courtesy; these forms of strength and beauty will inspire others positively. The old axiom is true: Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. This means that only the beauty in you can see beauty. Like Galileo said… ”if you would just look…”.
By months end, we may feel the need for declarations or some form of commitment from those still on the fence. Take heart, be patient…separate fact from fiction. In truth when a person is reluctant to commit it is because of a lack of focus and focus requires honesty. Honesty and Love equal freedom, the freedom to say yes. YES, the most sensual and powerful word in any language… and we are enlightened by it.
The divine celebrates pleasure with you, and this month the Lion lay with the lamb.
H A P P Y V a l e n t i n e ‘s Day
For all seeking career or relationship advancement, personal magnetism will go far. The Venus-Jupiter conjunction between the 12th and the 16th are what we astrologers call REALLY GOOD LUCK. So aim for what you really want this month and be courageous about it.

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