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We, the Brooklyn, New York -based Rock and Roll Alterna-Poppers Your 33 Black Angels are set to drop our third self-released album, Pagan Princess on December 3, 2009 at the Mercury Lounge in nyc.
The release comes one year after our double-album melancholic opus, Tales of My Pop-Rock Love Life and 2007's Lonely Street
(" of the year's treasures..." David Fricke. )
Pagan Princess embraces our straight-ahead rock and punk roots with a more psychedelic, ephemeral feel.
Here are the lyrics to the closing track Undertaker followed by a link to the mp3 and a music video for Lover's Limbo directed by bandmate Benji Kast.

Words by Josh Westfal
Music by Your 33 Black Angels
Recorded at the Fly in New Orleans, LA

I have been a cowboy, in a way, for all my life
Never met a calf I had to hook twice
Rows of daffodils, rolling highway hills
Makes the cowboy in me kill

On the breeze
That's where I'll go
On the breeze
One day you'll know

When I was a young man, I thought I knew every sound in sight
Well it turned out I was right
Purple painted skylines, the finest day you've had
Your happiness makes me sad

On the breeze
That's where I'll lie
On the breeze
That's where you die

I am the undertaker, I hear the midnight moon
I'll be your lord and forsake you soon
I am the great unmaker, I hear the sound of the sun
But I don't stop the clock till the job is done

Undertaker MP3

Your 33 Black Angels: "Lovers Limbo" from Benji Kast on Vimeo.

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