'Til Lunch Do Us Part

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Having sanitized twenty-five small hands, my snack helper placed the plates on the table while the children caught up on the latest news since recess, told a joke, or displayed a pocketed toy or other contraband. Today's snack was rice-cakes.

Child 1: “I love this rice-cake so much I could marry it.”

Child 2: “OK. I am going to do the marriage. And you [turning to Child 3], can you sing the song?”

Child 3: “Yes, but what song shall I sing?

Child 2: “You know, the song the piano plays when people are going to be

Child 4: “I shall say the words for the rice cake.”

Child 3: “Dumb, du- du, dummb, dumb, du, du, dummb, dumb du, du-dumb….”

Child 2 holds Child 1’s hand: "Do you, Child 1, take Rice Cake to be your awfully [sic] wedded husband?”

Child 1: “I do.”

Child 2, looking at Rice Cake: “Do you, Rice Cake, take Child 1 to be your awfully [sic] wedded wife?”

Child 4 (for Rice-cake): “I do. Rice Cake, you may now kiss the bride.”

At which precise moment, the bride took a big bite out of Rice Cake. The whole table burst out laughing. The teacher was not invited to the wedding.


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