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Miroslav Tichy
(Centre Pompidou)
Miroslav Tichy (Czech born) made his own cameras and believed that all the "errors" of spots, bad light that caused blurry images were in fact exactly the beauty he was looking for in his images (his work spans from the 1960’s through to present day). And the results are beyond beautiful. Local women are his subject of choice and he captures moments in time that hold such emotion, humor and sensuality even when the context is really quite ordinary and every day. This is a treasure of a book.

Self Portrait in a Velvet Dress: Frida's Wardrobe
(Chronicle Books)
Diego Rivera, Frida Kahlo's partner, stipulated a period of 50 years from the moment of Frida's death until her bathroom/dressing room in the Casa Azul, their home, could be opened. It's a stunning photographic encyclopedia of traditional Mexican dress beautifully balanced with portraits of Frida and her casa. Her spirit is powerfully present in the contents of her wardrobe explored in great detail throughout the book.

A Notebook at Random
Irving Penn

Irving Penn finally left us this year. People tend to love or hate his work, rarely in between, personally I love it. This book is one of my favorites as it shows his breadth of vision from his exquisite still life work (my personal favorite), pencil drawings and portraits to his stunning fashion images that have become oh so iconic. Even if you aren't a fan, Mr Penn deserves a place on any photography lovers book shelf.

Casa No Name
Deborah Turbeville

This is a beautiful new book this year from Deborah Turbeville. I adore her work. Her images make me feel like I am trespassing, seeing intimate places and happenings through her very eyes. Her images are deeply sensual and mysterious, melancholic and tru

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