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The Savage Detectives
Roberto Bolaño

Bolaño and his alter ego take the reader – in the company of half-lunatic Latin American poets and their bemused (and sometimes equally eccentric) friends/acquaintances – from Mexico City to Spain, to Israel and back again. It is a late 1960s road trip in the company of a wild Bohemian tribe, and I loved every second of it.

A Person of Interest
Susan Choi

Choi's deft, thrilling weave of American paranoia and suspense pits an alienated, socially inept Asian-American Professor against the FBI, and others who assume the worst about him when his more prestigious, popular colleague is killed by a letter bomb and he fails to behave 'appropriately.' All Choi novels are stellar.

Holy Land– A Suburban Memoir
D. J. Waldie.

I doubt that there is anywhere on earth more colorless than Lakewood, California, except perhaps for neighboring 'towns' also built in the post-war 1950s. With his passion for detail and lucid writing style, Waldie (who is a poet) makes poetry of this Los Angeles suburb and its history, from beet fields to repeated house plans.

The Stories (So Far) of Deborah Eisenberg
Vivid characters, diverse locales, impossible situations (Eisenberg has an eye and ear for the absurd), hilarious dialogue, abound in this volume of stories, which will likely live on my shelf of favorite story collections rarely loaned out (Mavis Gallant, Edna O'Brien, Alice Munro, Joy Williams).

Dog Language
Chase Twitchell

A gallant, generous spirit shines through these tributes to the people, animals, and places Twitchell loves, and to the semi-wild environs where she spent her tomboy adolescence.

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