The Oregon Country Fair

Andi Burnett Issue: Section:

This is not where you can see the biggest pig or the strongest ox or the prettiest hen.
This is about theatre, acrobats, circus, music, dance , crafts and magic. Magic in every way!
And about great food.
This is a place where you can be in costume 4 days in a row, or not.
You can be anything you want and you will be welcome.
There are fairies, dwarfs, carnival folk, hippies, clowns and superheroes.
A lot of them have wings.
Amazing crafts from musical instruments to clothes and knives, masks and jewelry can be seen or bought or traded.
You can learn about alternative energy, make your own smoothie on a bicycle blender or bring your dirty diapers in and get fresh ones back.
I don’t even know how to start describing this place. There is so much positive energy, everything seems possible, everybody is friendly.
Signs everywhere saying: YES! YES! YES!

It is so colorful, beautiful, it makes you happy.
Like there is a way of living together differently, in harmony.
There are a lot of rules as well. Because, really hardly anything works without rules, especially if 30,000 people come together in a relatively small space.
But these rules make sense!
You don’t really have to be told. You know what needs to be done, what is right or wrong.
My pictures hardly do justice to my experience.
But this is what it looks like:
Imagine a forest, an enchanted forest with tall skinny shady trees, bright green moss snd lichen on their bark.
Small paths guide you through the thicket that opens up to stages large and small of all kinds.
Vaudeville stage, youth stage, gypsy music and dance, a great lawn were they teach you how to juggle.
Very cool wooden structures house crafts booths and restaurants, places to relax or participate in workshops. There is a daycare for children of all ages.
And there is the Ritz, the bath house with sauna and a fire pit with a grand piano next to it.
I could go on and on an on.
It is the way I imagine the hobbits world.
Everybody should be able to experience this at least once. I go as often as I can. Every 2 years.

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