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My name is Maria and I am a Propolis addict. 
Actually, that’s an understatement, Propolis makes my life possible. 
You can take your pills and prescriptions, I'm sticking with the bees.
Bee Propolis is a resinous material gathered by bees from the leaf, buds and barks of trees.
The bees use Propolis to seal the hive and protect it against the invasion of bacteria and microorganisms, keeping their environment sterile.
The bees have been around for 45 million years, maybe we should take a look.

Legend has it that Propolis was a gift from Mother Nature as a miracle substance for healing (probably one of the first medicines used by man).
The power of Propolis has demonstrated antiviral, anti inflammatory, antibiotic and anti fungal properties throughout history.
Ancient Egyptians saw propolis as a source of health and long life. The Romans used it for first aid. Hippo-crates, otherwise known as the father of modern medicine, prescribed propolis for healing internal and external sores and ulcers. In Hebrew it's called Tzori and it's therapeutic properties are mentioned through out the old testament.

Propolis is collected by the oldest bees in the hive. The resins are brought back to the hives and mixed with wax and salivary secretions before being used to sterilize the hive,  so the queen bee can lay her eggs. The chemical composition of propolis is highly variable because of the broad range of plants visited by the honey bee. There are more than 70 species from which the bees collect material. Important  sources include Poplar, Alder, Birch, Chestnut and Willow trees. The Beekeepers scrape the resin from the walls of the hive. Next the raw product undergoes processing to remove the beeswax and other impurities before being put to use in a large variety of salves, tinctures and sprays.

Through my years using, witnessing and recommending Propolis I have seen it effectively treat giardia, tapeworm, herpes, pneumonia, influenza, kidney and bladder infection, west Nile virus, conjunctivitis, rheumatism, wound infections (including impetigo), yeast infections, candida, circulation problems, throat infection,  asthma, hay fever, allergies, post surgery scarring, bone and muscle pain, burns and cuts, tendinitis, intestinal infection, colitis, eczema, acne, dark spots, periodontal issues, gingivitis. and that's not even all!  Use it as a preventive treatment, anti oxidant, immune booster, anti depressant just about anything. In Japan they are using it successfully with cancer and hiv patients. Unless you have a sensitivity to honeybee products, which usually appears as contact dermatitis, propolis is safe for children and adults with no side effects or overdose.

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