October Skies

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The Howling is upon us…and those who do not howl will not find their pack.
October opens with a full moon in Aries on the 4th. This placement of the moon suggests that our normally productive enthusiasm is restless and may be subject to complaint or discouragement. Ahhh lunacy… this full moon is actually about finding courage and self reliance, creating our own path. Enthusiasm, like optimism must be realistic or there is far to fall. One hint with the moon in Aries, if your head hurts…you’re not using it right.
Keep your enthusiasm alive, October is a fine month for running with your ideas; any sharp points face down of course. Let your ideas out, refine them and be ready to apply them. This month you may feel the urge to put yourself in the equation. There is no try, do or do not. For those about to rock…I salute you.
The planets Mercury, Venus and Saturn will rise just before dawn. A true spectacle if you are awake. Looking eastward toward the horizon the trio disappear into the sunrise like a royal procession.
On October 21st …Look UP! The great Orionid meteor showers will peak. Looking southeast around 2 AM the estimate is thirty meteors per hour. Just north of the constellation of Orion is where we will see the spectacular show of dust particles falling 41 miles per second on their earth based trajectory. These happy little particles are ejected by none other than Comet 1/P Halley.
It was Halley’s book of Comets in 1705 that proved Isaac Newton’s Principia of Mathematics correct. It is also important to note that Edwin Hubble helped Albert Einstein prove his theory that gravity bends light in space.

Astrologically important to note is that Saturn is changing constellations, by month’s end it will progress into the constellation of Libra. This may feel like a weight has been lifted, relief for our conscience and noble selves. In essence it signifies the truth of time and an urge to move on. Saturn’s previous position was heavy with the lessons of worry, anxious ambition, self doubt and discouragement. (Saturn has been stationed in the constellation Virgo since September of 2007). In the house of Venus, our Lord of the Rings will be crowned. This new configuration suggests that intelligence has developed, and ingenuity is being shared. Security has become virtue instead of vice. Be on the lookout for renewed cooperation in mathematics and scientific endeavors on the international stage.
FUN FACT: Did you know that because the moon has a solid core, when we smash un-needed spacecraft into it the moon rings like an enormous gong? It continues to vibrate for approximately two hours.
I am feeling the vibes… are you?
Check it out at: www.astronomy.com
Tend to your good selves and remember that love travels at light speed.

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