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I met Bonny in Battery Park on the 4th of July. He was dressed as the Statue of Liberty and I had the unpopular job of asking him to move his photo for tips operation in order to make way for our production, an annual free concert performed by artists that most of the indigent merchants had never heard of. The human statue of liberty business is a cut throat affair in Battery Park with upwards of 20 performers competing for the opportunity to be photographed by the never ending flow of visitors who have mostly come to witness the real monument in all its glory only to find tickets had sold out by 8 am.
The general routine is to motion the prospective customer in to your designated area, give them the picture of their lives (peace signs, chakas, and rabbit ears are favorites) and then become bad cop, or bad lady of the harbour as the case may be, demanding 5, 10 even 20 dollars for the priviledge. I’ve seen terrified italian teens running for their life, cameras tucked under their arms, with an unmasked bearded statue following, torch raised in jilted rage.
But back to Bonny. He was a gentleman in oxodized copper colored clothing.
Noticing right away that i was in the entertainment industry, he quickly turned is frown of disappointment upside down and handed me a business card.
“This is not what i usually do”, he said in a heavy colombian accent, “this tourist thing, no my friend, i am a serious performer. perhaps you have seen me on youtube?”

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